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The year was 1977 during the summer months.  I had been aimlessly meandering under the Noon sun completely bored out of my skull I wandered into the Pro Shop at the Silsbee Country Club which was hosting a Men’s Golf Association’s yearly Golf Tournament and there I Saw it.

The device squatted on the floor with a small wooden base off to the right nestled in between a golf bag on the right stuffed with a putter, several driving woods, and other implements of destruction and on the left a manequin dressed like something from the movie Caddy Shack "It" silently beckoned me with it’s flickering light from the moving images which cast waxing and wanning light across my face.

I drifted over to this old knob controlled 1970’s television to inspect what was going on this old color tube television.  A commercial for some forgotten vinyl siding Company was playing and then announcer announced they were going back to the sponsored movie.

Hey I thought.   A movie… cool... and if I am lucky it will pass the time and then my whole world changed. Until this point my exposure to Science Fiction had consisted with reading about Tom Swift in some juvenile adventures.  It took less time then it takes for a flea to fart and I was completed enthralled into the Story unfolding before my eyes.

Holy shit Batman! What was this movie?  It did not matter that it was 60 plus year old and in black and white.  The Story… the Story…

An alien from Outer Space,  Army guys and a few civilian Ladies coupled with a bunch wacked out Scientist causing mischief in the background. WOW!!!

I learned from the Announcer peddling the new vinyl outer skins for houses that the movie was 1951’s “Thing From Another World” by Howard Hawkes. I obtained a copy of the original novella by John Campbell and devoured it.

It all made sense to me.  The Science...  That being said even today I enjoy Science Fiction the harder science as possible. My favorite Decade of Science Fiction in the Theater is without a doubt the 1950s Cinema.  You just suspend disbelief and enjoyed the moving images that were being splashed across my tv.

In 1980’s it was watching Godzilla movies on Saturdays that were occasionally played on the local UHF channels from Houston, TX.


more to come