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Dorothy Provine - Emmy Lou Raven
Lenny Kent - The Sergeant
Charles Lane - Standard Bates
Lou Costello - Artie Pinsetter
Jimmy Conlin - Magruder
William H. Wright - Pentagon General
Will Wright - Pentagon General
Peter Leeds - Bill Burton
Robert Burton - First General

The 30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock is a 1959 film starring Lou Costello and Dorothy Provine.


Artie Pinsetter (Lou Costello) is a junk collector and amateur inventor who lives in the desert town of Candy Rock. Artie's fiancée, Emmy Lou Raven (Dorothy Provine), is exposed to radiation in a cave and is changed thereby into a thirty-foot giantess. When Artie nervously explains to his betrothed's rich uncle that she has gotten "big," the uncle misunderstands "big" as "pregnant," and insists that Artie marry her immediately. Artie eventually manages to restore her to her normal size.


The 30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock was filmed from December 3 through December 22, 1958, and is the only film that Lou Costello starred in without his longtime professional partner, Bud Abbott. It is based on an original screenplay entitled The Secret Bride of Candy Rock Mountain.

The film was not released until August 1959, five months after Costello died of a heart attack.

Much of the outdoor footage was shot at the Iverson Movie Ranch in Chatsworth, Calif., including a number of scenes depicting the oversized blonde beauty at her new home—a barn. The barn was part of a ranch set on the Upper Iverson known as the Fury Set, which was originally built for the television show Fury.

Film clips from this movie were used for a parody in the music video She Will Have Her Way by Neil Finn


Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released the film on a made to order DVD on September 13, 2010.