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Irish McCalla ... Jerrie Turner
Tod Griffin ... Fred Maklin
Victor Sen Yung ... Sammy Ching
Rudolph Anders ... Col. Karl Osler
Gene Roth ... Igor
Leni Tana ... Mona Osler
Charles Opunui ... Kris Kamana
The Diane Nellis Dancers ... The She Demons

She Demons is an independently produced 1958 black-and-white science fiction film directed and co-written by Richard E. Cunha. Made in a tongue-in-cheek style of Men's adventure magazines, Nazisploitation and The Island of Lost Souls, the film was distributed by Astor Pictures as a double feature with Cunha's Giant from the Unknown.


During a tropical storm a pleasure boat is shipwrecked on an uncharted island and presumed sunk with all hands. The radio possessed by the four survivors can only receive but not transmit and they discover the island will soon be used by naval aircraft as a bombing target.

Finding strange human footprints and hearing the sound of drums, three of the party explore the island that they discover is populated by deformed humanoids who are the product of scientific experiments by a party of Nazis led by a mad scientist war criminal who rules the island.

After producing Giant from the Unknown for Astor Pictures, Astor told Richard Cunha they would only accept it if they made another feature for them for release as a double feature. Astor advanced Cunha $80,000 with Cunha completing the film for $65,000[1] with locations filmed at Ferndale, California, Griffith Park and Paradise Cove Pier in Malibu, California