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Arthur Franz as Prof. Donald Blake
Eddie Parker as Prof. Donald Blake as a Monster
Joanna Moore as Madeline Howard
Judson Pratt as Lt. Mike Stevens
Nancy Walters as Sylvia Lockwood
Troy Donahue as Jimmy Flanders
Phil Harvey as Sgt. Powell
Helen Westcott as Nurse Molly Riordan
Alexander Lockwood as Prof. Gilbert Howard
Whit Bissell as Dr. Oliver Cole
Ross Elliott as Sgt. Eddie Daniels
Anne Anderson as Student
Louis Cavalier as Student
Richard H. Cutting as Tom Edwards (Forest Ranger)
Hank Patterson as Townsend (Night Watchman)
Ronnie Rondell Jr. as Student

Monster on the Campus (Monster in the Night[1] and Stranger on the Campus) is a 1958 American science fiction/horror film, released by Universal-International. It was directed by Jack Arnold, from a script by David Duncan.


The film was the last of Universal's science fiction monster films released before Island of Terror (1966).



Professor Donald Blake (Arthur Franz) acquires a newly discovered coelacanth. He begins to examine the find and is exposed to its irradiated blood. This turns him into a murderous Neanderthal monster that terrorizes the campus.


Production took place between April and May 1958.