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John Ashley as Johnny Bruder
Sandra Knight as Trudy Morton
Donald Murphy as Oliver Frankenstein/Frank
Sally Todd as Suzie Lawler
Harold Lloyd Jr. as Don
Felix Locher as Dr. Morton
Wolfe Barzell as Elsu
John Zaremba as Lt. Boyle
Robert Dix as Det. Bill Dillon
Harry Wilson as the Monster

Frankenstein's Daughter is a 1958 science-fiction romance horror film directed by Richard E. Cunha and is one of the four drive-in films that he released with help from producer Marc Frederic.


The grandson of Victor Frankenstein, Oliver (Donald Murphy), is hiding away as a laboratory assistant for the gentle Prof. Morton (Felix Locher). While Dr. Morton pursues a pet project, Dr. Frankenstein secretly works his own experiments on his benefactor's niece, Trudy Morton (Sandra Knight).

Although these experiments temporarily disfigure Trudy's face and cause her to wander aimlessly at night, they are only a build-up to Oliver's greater goal of recreating life. With the aid of one of his father's former assistants, Oliver constructs a female monster from the body parts of various murdered people and begins to deal a horrible fate upon any who dare stand in the way of his desires.


Currently, the film has a 3.8/10 on the Internet Movie Database, with 575 ratings, 32 user reviews and 15 critic reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes, there are no ratings from professional critics and only one review void of a rating; with 18% of the audience saying they like it with an average rating of 2.4/10; based on 292 user ratings.
DVD Release

Frankenstein's Daughter was released in Region 1, on August 1, 2000 by Layton Film Productions Inc.


The movie was completed in May 1958 and is considers to be the last Frankenstein film of the 1950's. The exterior of the house of the film were shot at the producer's home. Recently, the film's directer, Richard E. Cunha,recalled that upon seeing the make-up effects for the monster, he was so disappointed that he left the set in tears.