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John Carradine as Cosmic Man
Bruce Bennett as Dr. Karl Sorenson
Angela Greene as Kathy Grant
Paul Langton as Col. Matthews
Scotty Morrow as Ken Grant
Lyn Osborn as Sgt. Gray
Walter Maslow as Dr. 'Rich' Richie
Herbert Lytton as Gen. Knowland
Ken Clayton as Master Sergeant
Alan Wells as Sergeant
Harry Fleer as Bill, the Park Ranger
John Erman as Radar Operator
Dwight Brooks as Major
Hal Torey as Dr. Steinholtz

The Cosmic Man is a 1959 independently made black-and-white science fiction film, produced by Harry Marsh and Robert A. Terry, directed by Herbert S. Greene, that stars John Carradine and Bruce Bennett. The film was distributed by Allied Artists.


After being tracked at 180,000 mph inside the Earth's atmosphere, a white, spherical object lands in the California desert, accompanied by a strange semi-transparent man- shaped humanoid figure. He appears friendly, but is he really?



The film has a score of 0% on Rottentomatoes.com.

"Except for the silly [alien figure] silhouette, most of the special effects are fair. Most of all, the plot suffers from the Cosmic Man's mission. He is deliberately setting the space program back by many years, for reasons not fully explained, through means that many would consider criminal. On a parting note, if their medical science is advanced enough to cure paralysis, then how about devoting some study to eyeglasses?" (Andrew Borntreger).