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Victor Jory as Dr. Murdock
William Hudson as Dr. Jess Rogers
Charlotte Austin as Carol Adams
Jean Willes as Tracy
Ann Doran as Mrs. Ford
Paul Cavanagh as Cooper
George Lynn as Dr. Freneau
Victor Varconi as Dr. Myer
Friedrich von Ledebur as Eric (as Frederick Ledebur)
Tina Carver as Big Marge Collins
Barbara Wilson as Anna Sherman


Two hundred years ago, a group of doctors learned to extended their lives by draining the vitality of others. Without such tranfusions, they begin to petrify. They become the staff doctors of a girls' reform school, assuring a supply of vital young bodies. However, outsiders sent to the school, Dr. Jess Rogers and social worker Carol Adams, become suspicious of the unusual number of otherwise healthy inmates dying of heart failure or suicide.