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James Craig — Russ Bradford
Gloria Talbott — Susan Winter
Lon Chaney Jr. (credited as Lon Chaney) Martin "Marty" Melville
Tom Drake — Lee Brand
Duncan Parkin — Bruce Barton/The Cyclops
Vincente Padula — The governor
Marlene Kloss — Salesgirl
Paul Frees — vocal effects for The Cyclops

The Cyclops (1957) is a science fiction horror film written, produced and directed by Bert I. Gordon, starring James Craig, Lon Chaney Jr. and Gloria Talbott. Typical of the "B" movie features of the period, a modicum of production values was involved.


Test pilot Bruce Barton (Duncan Parkin) is missing and his girlfriend, Susan Winter (Gloria Talbott) organizes a search party, sent out in the jungles of Mexico. The team of scientist Russ Bradford (James Craig), mining expert Martin "Marty" Melville (Lon Chaney Jr.) and pilot Lee Brand (Tom Drake) fly into an unknown territory. While searching the area, however, they uncover giant mutated earth animals such as giant snakes and lizards, behemoth bugs, oversized mammals.

More importantly, they encounter a mutated 50-ft tall, one-eyed human monster who became disfigured due to an exposure to radioactivity from massive radium deposits in the area. He kills Melville but appears to recognize the girl. When the cyclops tries to prevent the rest of the group from flying to safety, he is gravely wounded, and dies.


Duncan Parkin also played Col. Manning in the War of the Colossal Beast, which is the sequel to The Amazing Colossal Man, basically playing the same disfigured giant in both films.

A clip of "The Cyclops" was used as part of the original opening sequence of WPIX Channel 11 New York's "Chiller Theatre" back in the 1960s.

Production effects were limited to backscreen projection, rudimentary matte work, and incorporating large images into the scenes. In the film, there is a scene in which the creature grabs Susan, and he gets it, but he also grabs the background as well, revealing the black color behind it.

The discovery of the test pilot's aircraft involves dissimilar and haphazard parts scattered about debris in the form of a light aircraft wing, a P-51 Mustang canopy and a radial engine.