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The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues is a 1955 science fiction film. It was directed by Dan Milner and produced by Jack Milner two former film editors and starred Kent Taylor.

The movie was released December, 1955 as a double feature with Day the World Ended; American Releasing Corporation's first double feature. American Releasing Corporation soon changed their name to American International Pictures. Both films cost approximately $100,000 each. It has had many DVD releases.


The movie begins when a fisherman is killed by a mysterious monster. Two government agents later find the body on the beach. One of the agents, Ted, tries to get a sample of a radio-active rock in the sea, but the same monster attacks him. Ted is able to escape and return to the beach. On a later trip with the other agent, the monster nearly kills Ted, but the other agent is able to shoot it with a spear gun. Ted discovers that Dr. King, a marine biologist, created the monster and the radioactive rock. Ted tells Dr. King how the monster is killing innocent people and that it must be stopped. After Dr. King destroys his lab he goes to kill his creation using dynamite. Shortly before detonation, the monster grabs him. The dynamite explodes, destroying the rock and killing the monster and Dr. King. Ted arrives just in time to witness the explosion.


The American Releasing Company began making low budget movies. They realised if they made two low budget films and sold them on a double bill together they could make more profit.

The title of the film was an idea of James H. Nicholson of the American Releasing Company. He was looking for a movie to support Day the World Ended so they could be released on a double bill together. ARC did not have enough money to make both films so they allocated Phantom to Jack and Dan Milner, some film editors who wanted to get into production. ARC and Milner spit the costs 60/40.

The double bill of this and Day the World Ended proved popular, due in part to some savvy marketing by James H. Nicholson. Within two months of release the films had earned $400,000.
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DVD releases

The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues was released for CatCom and for one of the 50 horror movies in a huge box set.