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Paul Douglas as Mike Wilson
Eva Bartok as Paula Wendt
Leslie Phillips as Howard Meade
Walter Rilla as Boronski
Philip Leaver as Koerner
Martin Miller as Lochner
Michael Caridia as Hugo Wendt Pauline Drewett as Hedda Lochner
Jocelyn Lane as Anna
Olaf Pooley as Bikstein
Rosalie Crutchley as Frau Bikstein
Leonard Sachs as Telegraph Clerk
Paul Hardtmuth as Hans
Cyril Chamberlain as GrafThe Gamma People is a 1955 Anglo-American science fiction film directed by John Gilling and starring Paul Douglas, Eva Bartok and Leslie Phillips.


A passenger car carrying a reporter and his photographer mysteriously breaks away from their train, accidentally ending up on a side track in Gudavia, an isolated Ruritanian-style one-village Eastern Bloc dictatorship. The newsmen find a mad scientist using gamma rays to turn the country's youth into either geniuses or subhumans at the bidding of an equally mad dictator.