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Richard Denning as Dr. Chet Walker
Angela Stevens as Joyce Walker
Lane Chandler as Gen. Saunders
Charles Horvath as Creature
Michael Granger as Frank Buchanan
Gregory Gaye as Dr. Wilhelm Steigg
Pierre Watkin as Mayor Bremer
Harry Lauter as Reporter #1
Larry J. Blake as Reporter #2
Richard H. Cutting as Dick Cutting, radio broadcaster

Creature with the Atom Brain was a 1955 B movie zombie film produced by Sam Katzman, directed by Edward L. Cahn from a screenplay by Curt Siodmak and distributed by Columbia Pictures as the bottom half of a double bill with It Came from Beneath the Sea. The cast included Michael Granger and Gregory Gaye as well as Richard Denning, who starred in a number of similar 1950s B movies.


Deported American gangster Frank Buchanan (Michael Granger) forces ex-Nazi scientist Wilhelm Steigg (Gregory Gaye) to create zombies by resurrecting corpses through radiation in order to help him exact revenge on his enemies.


In The Zombie Movie Encyclopedia, academic Peter Dendle wrote, "Good '50s fun abounds, with all the twisted gender ideology and antiseptic social ideals that that implies, packed in a tightly-wrought action film with strong (if entertainingly dated) conceptual support." David Maine of PopMatters rated it 6 out of 10 stars and called it "a thoroughly enjoyable, noir-ish SF chiller, if you can get past the dingbat wife and cutie-pie kid."

DVD release

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment released the film on DVD in October 2007 as part of the two-disc, four-film set Icons of Horror Collection - Sam Katzman, along with three other films produced by Katzman (The Werewolf and The Giant Claw and Zombies of Mora Tau).

Creature with the Atom Brain inspired the name of the Belgian rock band Creature with the Atom Brain, as well as the 1980 Roky Erickson & The Aliens song of the same name.

Director Cahn would go on to make Invisible Invaders (1959) using the same basic concept (in the later film, invading aliens inhabit the reanimated corpses of humans).