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Howard Duff as Dr. Stephen Mitchell
Eva Bartok as Dr. Lisa Frank
Alan Wheatley as Dr. Smith
Philip Leaver as Professor Koepler
Michael Medwin as Dr. Toby Andrews
Andrew Osborn as Dr. Philip Crenshaw
Cecile Chevreau as Vanessa Mitchell
Anthony Ireland as General Hayes
Hugh Moxey as Colonel Alfred Daniels
David Horne as Minister

Spaceways is a 1953 British-American, black and white, science fiction film co-produced by Hammer Film Productions Ltd. and Lippert Productions Inc..

Spaceways, directed by Terence Fisher, was filmed entirely in England by the Hammer company, with Michael Carreras as producer-of-record and American Robert L. Lippert as uncredited co-producer, from a screenplay by Paul Tabori and Richard Landau based on a radio play by Charles Eric Maine.

Spaceways was distributed in the UK by Exclusive Films Ltd. and in the United States by Lippert Pictures Inc.




The plot dealt with the first manned spaceflight (piloted co-ed by Duff and Bartok) against the backdrop of Duff's character's failing marriage, his wife's infidelity and murder (for which Duff is suspect), and his budding romance with Bartok, who plays a renowned mathematician working on the space project.


Principal photography on Spaceways took place at Ray Studios, Windsor, England from mid-November 1952 to early January 1953. Some of the special effects shots of the rocket taking off in Spaceways were taken from Rocketship X-M.

Spaceways was not well received by critics, and its poor production values soon relegated the film to the bottom of bills and drive-ins as mainly fill-in fodder.

Film reviewer Glenn Erickson, writing in DVD Davant noted: "The disappointment of Spaceways is finding out that it is really a lukewarm murder mystery in a science fiction setting."