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Ted Cooper as Lt. Hazen
Tom Daly as Charlie
Steve Acton as Mobile Center Dispatcher
Burt Wenland as Agent Joe
Lela Nelson as Betty Evans
Harry Landers as Lt. Bowers
Burt Arnold as Darrow
Sandy Sanders as First Policeman
Harry Strang as Neighbor
Jim Bannon as Desk Sgt. Jim
Jack Daly as Joe Wakeman
Michael Mark as Refinery Watchman
Rudolph Anders as Dr. Wyatt

Phantom from Space is a 1953 American science fiction film produced and directed by W. Lee Wilder from an original screenplay written by William Raynor and Myles Wilder. It was one of several films made in the early 1950s by Wilder and son, Raynor, and most of the same crew, independently on a financing-for-distribution basis with United Artists and, occasionally, RKO-Radio Pictures.


Federal Communications Commission (FCC) investigators arrive in the San Fernando Valley after what appears to be a UFO crashes, causing massive interference with teleradio transmissions. During their investigation they receive witness reports of what appears to be a man dressed in a bizarre outfit. Their investigation uncovers that this is a being from outer space who is invisible. They start a massive manhunt, causing a public panic over the invisible alien running loose.


Film historian and critic, Glenn Erickson, was humorous in his DVD release review . He wrote, "After a couple of uninspired potboilers in the late 1940s (The Pretender is actually a good movie), Wilder hit his groove of incompetence with this no-budget wonder concerning the saddest space invader on record ... Endless talky scenes alternate with the entire cast of 6 running back and forth in the old interior of the Griffith Planetarium. The poor invader is a bald muscle beach type in a radioactive space suit and a helmet that appears to be the same prop from Robot Monster, somewhat altered."