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Mikel Conrad as Steve Holloway
Doris Merrick as Sandra
Richard Monahan as Benny
Mark Lowell as Ed
Morgan Jones as Andy
Midge Ware as Myra
Judy Brubaker as Valdra
Carol Brewster as Tennus
Autumn Russell as Cleo (as Autumn Rice)
Lyle Talbot as Col. Loring
Montgomery Pittman as Prof. Warren
Miriam Kaylor as Nurse Edmunds

Directed by W. Merle Connel
Written by George Wallace Sayre
Starring Mikel Conrad
Doris Merrick
Release dates
12 September 1952
Country USA
Language English

Untamed Women is a 1952 United States science fiction film written by George Wallace Sayre and directed by W. Merle Connell. An American bomber pilot is rescued after drifting at sea during World War II. He tells doctors how he and three of his fellow crash survivors washed up on an island inhabited by dinosaurs and a tribe of druid-descended cave-women who are being plagued by Neanderthal men intent on kidnapping them for breeding purposes. In 1986, the movie was featured in an episode of the Canned Film Festival.