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Rod Cameron

Cesar Romero

Marie Windsor

M.N. Nambiar

Directed by William Berke
Produced by William Berke
Ellis Dungan
Robert L. Lippert

Music by G. Ramanathan
Cinematography Clyde De Vinna
Edited by L. Balu
Release dates

August 1, 1952

Running time
73 min
Country India
Language Tamil

Kaadu or The Jungle is a 1952 Tamil-American Sci-Fi film directed by William Berke. It stars Rod Cameron, Cesar Romero, Marie Windsor and M.N. Nambiar in lead roles. The film was the first Sci-Fi movie in India. Kaadu released on 1 August 1952.


A great white hunter and an Indian princess trek into the Indian jungle to investigate a number of wild animal stampedes which have resulted in the deaths of many people. On their journey, they discover a herd of prehistoric wooly mammoths are responsible for the terror.