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Laurette Luez

Allan Nixon

Joan Shawlee

Judy Landon

Mara Lynn

Directed by Gregg C. Tallas
Produced by Sam X. Abarbanel/Albert J. Cohen
Written by Sam X. Abarbanel/Gregg C. Tallas

Music by Raoul Kraushaar Cinematography Lionel Lindon
Edited by James Graham




Distributed by

Eagle-Lion films
Alliance Productions
Release dates
North America November 1, 1950
Asia December 21, 1950
Europe 1952
Europe September 14, 1952
Europe May 2, 1953
Europe June 19, 1953

Running time
74 min.
Language English



Prehistoric Women is a 1950 fantasy adventure film, written and directed by Gregg C. Tallas and starring Laurette Luez and Allan Nixon. It also features Joan Shawlee, Judy Landon, and Mara Lynn. Released by Alliance Productions, this independent film was also titled The Virgin Goddess. Prehistoric Women is seemingly influenced by and is similar to the 1940 film One Million B.C. A remake (sometimes known as 'Slave Girls' ) was made in 1967, and starred Martine Beswick. Plot

Tigri (Luez) and her stone age friends, all of which are women, hate all men. However, she and her Amazon tribe see men as a "necessary evil" and capture them for potential husbands. Engor (Nixon), who is smarter than the rest of the men, is able to escape them. He discovers fire and battles enormous beasts. After he is recaptured by the women, he discovers fire and drives off a dragon-like creature. The women are impressed with him, including their prehistoric queen. Engor marries Tigri and they begin a new, more civilized, tribe.